About Us

We Build Corporate Reputations & Investment Brands

We protect, enhance and build corporate reputations and investment brands.

Critical Stakeholder Communications 

The Alpha Companies, including Alpha Advisory and Alpha IR, bring deep sector expertise and senior-driven programs focused on our clients’ most critical stakeholders.  Our work includes strategic investor relations consulting, corporate reputation advisory, stakeholder communications research, as well as transactions and special situations counsel. We are the right choice to manage our clients’ reputations, credibility, and ultimately, their corporate brand. Our offices are located in Chicago, New York, Boston, Dallas and Minneapolis, and we have served companies across all industries and through multiple inflection points in the business cycle.

Strategically Focused, with Disciplined Execution

The “Alpha Way”

Through multiple decades and over 1,000 partnership clients, our leaders collectively believe in our high-touch strategy and service model.  This means we build our teams with a focus on both research-based, strategic thinking, as well as flawless execution against the communication plans that our team  developed.  We remain committed every day to improving our clients’ Return on Investment (ROI) across all of their critical stakeholder communication functions as it defines our culture and is what we refer to as the “Alpha Way.”

“Alpha has been a critical partner to us as we navigated a period of tremendous change.  They worked with us on every level, from the Board to outside advisors, providing perceptive counsel and driving a highly complicated communication effort across all of our stakeholders.”

Greg Fink, CFO, Comscore

Alpha Defined

The Pursuit of Alpha

We chose the moniker Alpha as it symbolizes our direct relationship and understanding of one of our clients’ critical stakeholders, their investors. Investors are said to be “seeking alpha” in their quest to beat the market. In our role as strategic communication consultants, we use our research, communication and visibility tools to help our clients better understand and influence not only Wall Street, but all of their critical influencers. Like an investor, the Alpha Companies strive to outperform our benchmarks and deliver “alpha” to all of our corporate reputation and investment branding clients.

Over 150 years of collective senior experience

A Foundation of Excellence

Alpha IR was founded in early 2012 and quickly became one of the country’s premiere independent IR and transaction consultancies. In early 2023, the team expanded its capabilities through the addition of Alpha Advisory, which brought a deep corporate reputation and issues management team.  Collectively, the Alpha Companies bring a synergistic offering, grounded in strategy and research, with a clear focus on service.  All of our leaders have big agency experience but chose Alpha as they wanted to focus more on delivering value rather than maximizing fees.