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Utilize Alpha’s SMART IR Process to:


  • Understand and influence investor perceptions
  • Navigate change
  • Manage and enhance credibility
  • Build and execute best practices IR programs
  • Be prepared for activism/crisis/transaction
  • Increase your ROI on IR
  • Drive value to fill the IR value gap during good times
  • Maintain value to avoid the IR value trap in tough times

Focused on Driving Value and ROI

67 %

of Wall Street believes this premium is between 5 - 20%

73 %

of Wall Street believes this discount is between 5 - 20%


Built for Today’s Complex Realities

Today’s Complex World Requires a new IR approach.  Industry cycles have shortened and secular change is occurring at a much faster pace today than ever.  This has led to more rapid leadership transitions and a perpetual cycle of transformation for many companies.  At the same time, public company brands are more connected to their stock price than ever.  However, the IR function turns over 66% of the time every two years at America’s public companies.  You need an IR Partner that can bring focus, structure, continuity and a steady strategic hand to your program.  Whether you’re a large- or mid-cap company looking to bring daily expertise to your in-house team, or a small-cap company looking to outsource the function, Alpha IR is the right solution.

World in State of Perpetual Transformation Sell-Side is Becoming Obsolete IR More Connected to Corporate Brand Internal IR in Constant State of Transition “Passivization” of Wall Street Competition for Capital Intensifying Constant pressure to transform and more frequent leadership transition MiFID accelerating model issues and the buy-side going straight to companies now For public companies, IR communication is usually the first communication for every strategic announcement In-house IRO positions turn over every two years for most public companies Continues to impair visibility to the “right investors” and steal assets from active managers Active buy-side shrinking as investing options continue to grow