January 4, 2015 | Blog

Alpha IR Group’s CEO, Chris Hodges, was quoted in “Business Essentials for Strategic Communicators” by Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp.

Public Relations and Advertising professionals and DePaul University faculty, Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp recently released their book, Business Essentials for Strategic Communicators, a “Business 101” guide that outlines the importance of effective communication and its impact on an organization and its stakeholders.  In a chapter dedicated to law and corporate disclosure, Alpha IR Group’s CEO, Chris Hodges, was asked to weigh in on effective IR communication:

“Employee, customer and other stakeholder-specific communication will ultimately end up in shareholders’ hands.  If that communication varies significantly from prior investor communications, a company could have a major shareholder issue on its hands and possibly a shareholder lawsuit. So even if a communications initiative is not intended for shareholders, the professional that’s creating the communication should be aware of how it might impact shareholders.”

At Alpha IR Group, we are regularly helping clients uncover the communication gaps that exist within their investment community because we know when you have a deeper understanding of the types of investors that own your stock – their motivations, their holding patterns, their expectations, and most importantly, their perceptions – you can better communicate with them and better match their criteria with your company’s core investment appeals. Transparent, pro-active, IR messaging that aligns across your organization is key to building a solid representation with The Street.

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