Alpha’s client was a mid-cap niche technology player, who was a true thought leader in both the tech and telecomm communities.  One of the goals of our co-developed IR plan was to drive increased investment by tech-specific investors (i.e. San Francisco based investors).  Alpha IR reached out to a handful of the client’s sell-side constituency, including one that was San Francisco-based.  Most suggested several of the smaller-hedge funds in the region, most of which had 200+% turnover.  Therefore, we suggested that our team drive the Company’s visibility in the region by setting up an Alpha IR NDR.



Alpha IR was tasked with developing a plan that would capture San Francisco tech investors’ attention. Our strategy was to drive a long only non-deal road show that would last a day and half.  With a two week time frame, we identified and pre-qualified the best fit investors in the region and engaged them in pre-pitch conversations. Most of our targets received a factsheet that our team developed in-house, and all needed our team to “sell the story” as this Company was somewhat off Wall Street’s radar. 

As a result of our sophisticated knowledge of the buy-side, our team was able to arrange for seven one-on-one meetings for the management team with long-only potential shareholders.  None of these institutions had ever met with the Company in the past.  These encompassed some of the best and most influential institutions in the region, including Cap-Re, Dodge & Cox, Franklin, and Delaware Investments. We also helped satisfy the appetite of the client’s sell-side by organizing a group breakfast that they were allowed to invite their smaller clients, which was well attended.  The management team called it, “One of the best of NDR’s we’ve ever had!”  Six-months later, we started to see some initial buying out of several members who were at the event. 


About Alpha IR Group: 

The Alpha IR Group is a holistic investor relations and transactions/crisis advisory firm that protects, enhances and builds the investment brands of America’s leading companies. We bring significant Wall Street, financial, and large agency experience to our clients, while retaining a small company, holistic approach. With deep sector expertise and senior-driven programs, Alpha IR is the right choice to manage our clients’ reputations, credibility, and ultimately, their valuation. The firm has offices in Chicago, New York, and Boston and represents over $100 billion of equity value trading on today’s public exchanges.