March 12, 2012 | News / Updates

Friendly Reminder on Boring Safe Harbor Warnings

I just came from a large sell-side conference where I was helping a client through a slate of high quality one-on-one investor meetings. (Shameless Plug: Alpha IR was able to have some influence on the schedule luckily!)  Later in the afternoon I was sat in the group presentations of a few competitors of my client as I wanted to pick up a little competitive messaging intel.  What shocked me was that out of the four meetings I attended, only two of the presentations had proper safe harbor language up front in their presentations.  While it’s boring and tedious, sadly it’s just something we in the IR field all have to live with in our overly-lawyered world these days.  It’s easy to keep it short and refer back to central places where you have broader language as well.  But it’s not worth the risk to cut it out.

Here is a quick read on the importance of these disclosures that I often refer clients back to when the topic comes up.  It’s from a law firm.