In an environment of rapid change, in which the sell-side is shrinking and the buy-side stubbornly evolving, executive management teams and corporate Boards of Directors are placing more emphasis than ever on executing truly strategic IR programs. In our professional opinion, this is rightfully so. According to a recent study of top portfolio managers across the nation conducted by Alpha IR, a top-tier IR program can add between one to two turns on a company’s valuation multiple.

In line with this rising importance, IROs are increasingly being tasked with elevating the ROI of their programs, so it’s no surprise that measurement has become a hotter topic. Yet, even the country’s best IROs find it difficult to measure their IR programs. Many attempt to blend qualitative and quantitative factors to determine if their efforts are yielding positive results, but most methodologies we’ve encountered don’t accurately assess the efficiency of time, effectiveness, or quality of outcomes.

At the 2017 NIRI National Conference in Orlando, the Alpha IR Group hosted a panel titled, “IR measurement & Goal Setting: Fresh Approaches & Data Driven Tools.” Award-winning IROs from two of the firm’s long-time clients, Tyson Foods and Sysco Corporation, along with Alpha IR’s CEO and Founder, Chris Hodges, discussed how they measure and assess their IR programs, and how others should be thinking about approaching the issue. The panel was one of the most widely attended events of the conference, hosted in front of a standing-room-only audience, and the response has been resoundingly positive.

We understand that no two IR programs are alike, so we’ve established our own proprietary methods for program measurement and engagement analytics. Our processes go well beyond the sophistication of basic perception study surveys, and our engagement strategies provide insightful, actionable recommendations that help our clients visualize the success of their programs and better communicate the value of the IR function both internally and externally.

We are always happy to speak with IR professionals about their unique situations and offer our perspectives. Feel free to reach out to our team any time if you’d like to ask us questions. You may view a copy of our NIRI National panel presentation by clicking here.

About Alpha IR Group:

Alpha IR Group is a full-service investor relations consulting firm that partners with companies to deliver best-in-class investor relations, from strategic insights to daily, tactical execution. Alpha IR offers a range of tailored programs, as well as sophisticated insights and significant experience with activist preparedness, investor day preparation and execution, earnings support, M&A/transaction support, perception studies, and more. The firm’s leaders have over 100 years of combined sell-side, buy-side, investment banking, and IR consulting experience. The firm has offices in Chicago, New York, and Boston. Alpha’s growing staff supports a client base that spans seven industry verticals and represents nearly $100 billion of equity value trading on public exchanges in North America.