Alpha’s client had grown from an orphaned small-cap company near death into a rapidly growing mid-cap concern within just a few years. Growth had been achieved both organically and through a number of intelligent acquisitions. The IR function and the Company’s materials were fairly reactive as a result of such a rapid transformation. The executive team felt their messaging and materials had grown stale and reactive and hoped to create a more strategic approach to their IR messaging and program in general.



Alpha spent several weeks evaluating our new partner’s strategic plan, reviewing all board materials and historical communications, and hosted numerous executive interviews. The team also reached out to critical Wall Street influencers to test their understanding of both the historical and prospective investment brand.

Based on this analysis, our team developed a new platform for the Company’s key investment thesis, rebranded and renamed the Company’s new strategy, and organized a special event to reintroduce the new Company to the Street. This new strategy included prospective M&A as well as a multi-year divestiture program, making the communication somewhat complex. Alpha’s team then used the new platform to redevelop all other investor materials, including the IR portion of the website, a new investor factsheet, and a series of educational pieces designed to help new investors get up to speed on investing in the industry.

The initial repositioning was highly received only one month into our engagement at the industry’s top sell-side sponsored conference. Following significant execution of the transformation, Alpha reached out to investors again one year later to test the resonance of the IR messaging and that information was both shared and presented to the board of directors. The stock appreciated over 300% over the next two years as the Alpha team continued to support the in-house IRO and management team.


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