Alpha was engaged to help a client communicate around the strategic acquisition of a significant interest in another public company.  This deal was both creative and somewhat unique, so the client’s investor communication was fairly complex.  Further, the primary audience for this transaction was the investment community.  Thus, the client wanted to avoid the excessive fees that a crisis/PR firm would charge for an event that was 90% IR-oriented.



Alpha IR created the messaging platforms for all key stakeholders for both the acquired entity and the acquiring entity as the transaction was friendly.  Our work included the development of the key investor messaging and materials for both companies.  Next our team developed numerous materials for the employee and customer bases of both companies.  As a result of this combination and a highly effective messaging campaign, both stocks increased over 30% within one month of closing the transaction.  Equally as important, our client avoided $500+ per hour in crises fees.


About Alpha IR Group: 

The Alpha IR Group is a holistic investor relations and transactions/crisis advisory firm that protects, enhances and builds the investment brands of America’s leading companies. We bring significant Wall Street, financial, and large agency experience to our clients, while retaining a small company, holistic approach. With deep sector expertise and senior-driven programs, Alpha IR is the right choice to manage our clients’ reputations, credibility, and ultimately, their valuation. The firm has offices in Chicago, New York, and Boston and represents over $100 billion of equity value trading on today’s public exchanges.