David Saladino joined Alpha IR Group as a Marketing Associate in May of 2019. Saladino’s role includes the orchestration of all marketing ​efforts – including outreach, creation and updating of marketing materials, website content, sales database maintenance, and market research. Prior to joining Alpha IR Group, ​he worked as a Media Development Executive with PHMG, the world leader in audio branding, building ​tailored packages for clients’ marketing programs. Saladino started his career at Ellwood Associates as a Research Analyst, where he built large client portfolios based on client goals and risk tolerances, reported upon them to our clients frequently, and performed in-person screening of mutual fund managers for the purposes of finding superior investment approaches/styles for best fit client capital allocation​. These meetings with fund managers were then used to create in-depth research reports for the firm to keep as a database of fund approaches, benefits and risks. Saladino graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a B.S. in Personal Finance, where he was a member of the Rugby and Lacrosse University Clubs.