Alpha’s client was a highly regarded large-cap company that had used a quantitative and anonymous approach to perception studies in the past.  However, the client wanted to improve the sophistication and impact of these periodic studies, so the Company hired Alpha IR to perform a perception study with both a qualitative and quantitative review of all of its key investors and analysts.   



Using our in-house staff of IR consultants (we never outsource any of our work), the team contacted 18 of our client’s high profile investors.  To complement this qualitative work, we also used a quantitative survey that received over 50 responses from smaller shareholders. Our team was very careful to make sure our phone survey was diverse and a fair representation of the client’s full investor constituency.   

Our results were summarized through three distinct deliverables.  The first included 60 pages that identified each of our phone participants and outlined our complete conversations.  The second document examined all of our quantitative results in full.  Our final document was a board ready PowerPoint that combined the results of our two surveys.  Our analysis included strategic discussions around the IR messaging that was working, components that received mixed feedback, and areas that needed immediate improvement.  Lastly, our report offered a few key suggestions to improve the client’s overall approach to its IR efforts and its materials/core messaging platform.  One year later, the client has appreciated roughly 30% and a subsequent survey of investors have shown significant progress in the overall understanding of the Company’s core investment thesis. 


About Alpha IR Group: 

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