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Don’t Hire a PR Firm for an IR Need

Our consultants have over four decades of diverse crises and transaction experience, and can provide a smart, cost effective alternative to high priced PR-driven crises firms.

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M & A

Alpha IR has consulted around numerous types of transactions, from multi-billion dollar transformative mergers, to small strategic bolt-on acquisitions. M & A communication requires thoughtful analysis and forward looking thinking, the kind only a true IR expert like Alpha IR can bring.


The IPO process remains extremely flawed in our opinion. Each player at the IR table during the event has a short-term vested interest in the stock’s strong start, but not necessarily its long-term finish. This is where Alpha IR comes in. We are the one long-term thinker at the table during the pre- and immediately post-IPO experience. Our leaders lived and consulted through the internet bubble, and are not afraid now, just as they weren't afraid then, to challenge a set of metrics or messaging that won’t support the long-term story.
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Spin-offs can be complex as they often result in numerous sell-side challenges and significant buy-side churn. Our consultants have experience in helping both entities manage the complexity and maximize the value of these transactions.


Our consultants have led full communications teams (IR, PR, Public Affairs, and Employee Communications) through numerous high profile crises engagements. Your first audience in any crises as a public company is the Street. The IR message should form the foundation of your communication platform and drive the message across all of your other stakeholder groups. Don’t trust your critical communication to a PR firm.