November 29, 2012 | News / Updates

Wall Street Journal Quotes Alpha IR: Investors Demand More CEO Face Time

Alpha IR had some exciting news today that I wanted to share.  A few weeks ago, a Wall Street Journal reporter picked up on a couple of the articles that we’ve written for our blog.  Her focus was on the amount of time that CEOs spend at investor conferences (i.e. away from running their businesses).  This is something we advise on daily in our client work as our mission is to make sure we’re maximizing our clients’ IR time and efforts.

Personally we could take this topic even further in the future as I know a number of you, and many of the IROs out there, have questioned the declining quality of the investors they’ve seen in recent sell-side conference and NDR (non-deal roadshow) activities.  It’s something that the team here at Alpha is taking very seriously as we think about supporting our clients’ buy-side visibility efforts in 2013.

But again, exciting news and it was great to see our name in print!  Please see the link attached and tell us what you think.

Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you enjoy Leslie’s piece and our contribution.